Save Money With Self Storage While Renting an Apartment

Published on 2020-05-16

Save Money With Self Storage While Renting an Apartment

Did you ever have to move to a new city due to a job change or any other pressing situation?

Did  the move mean temporarily giving up some space, and did you discard items that you wish you’d kept? Do you have baby furniture that you don’t want to dispose of because you’re hoping for another bundle of joy in your future? If your answer to any of these questions is “yes,” self-storage may be your perfect solution, not only to store your items but to save some money along the way.

The three main reasons that apartment dwellers need self storage are:

Not Enough Space – Space becomes a premium in an apartment. Even three-bedroom apartments are typically not even close to the size of a three-bedroom house. If your budget doesn’t allow for the space you need, or you have to share with roommates, you can reduce clutter by storing items that you don’t use regularly. Storing seasonal clothing, holiday decorations, and sports equipment can save a lot of space. If you have roommates, you can potentially share the cost of a storage unit.

Relocation to a New City – Relocating to a new province or city comes with its own set of problems. You probably don’t want to invest in a home until you’ve determined the location that is the best fit your lifestyle. If you move into an apartment temporarily, you’ll need a place to store all or most of your belongings. 

Convenient, secure, affordable self storage is your solution. You won’t have to make a long-term commitment because most facilities offer month-to-month leasing, and your items will be ready when you are. If you have two vehicles, but your apartment complex only allows parking for one, self storage can again come to the rescue with vehicle storage.

Downsizing – There are various reasons to downsize. Maybe you need a smaller house or apartment due to economic constraints or you’re downsizing for retirement. Whatever your needs, you’re probably reluctant to part with all of your treasures until you’ve had ample time to think about what to keep and what to discard. Self storage gives you a place to keep your things, allowing you to take the time you need to make some decisions.

In any of these circumstances, you could rent a larger apartment and use the extra space for storage. That is one solution, but did you ever think of how much money you could save by using self storage instead renting the extra space? If you swap 100 square feet of apartment space for a 10 x 10 storage unit, you could realize a significant savings.