5 creative DIY planters to decorate your home for Spring

Published on 2022-03-20

Spring has sprung and we are itching for new ideas to showcase the beautiful blossomed flowers in our gardens. Although plants and flowers are affordable and easy to arrange, the planters and pots themselves may run on the pricier side. Luckily, there are endless DIY and budget-friendly options to become a true plant lady. Utilize these chic and aesthetically pleasing planters to up your landscape game. Don’t worry because most of these items can be found within your household and planted in less than an hour! Here are 5 affordable flower and planter ideas for your garden:

DIY Terracotta Painted Pot

Terracotta planters are not only inexpensive, but also an easy surface and canvas to paint on. You don’t even need to be artistic to pull of a creative design! The best way to design a simple chic DIY terracotta pot is by using tape or rubber bands to create a straight line. Add some spice by adding patterns like polka dots or zig zags for a bold terracotta pot. Pick and choose your favorite color scheme to match your house, and voila, the planter will look great outdoor or indoor. Place it on your living room book shelf or on the front steps of your home.

DIY Recycled Cans

One of the cheapest and most environmentally friendly pots is a recycled tin can. Not only is this a brilliant option easily found in your household, but it is also a practical DIY material. Recycling and reusing are one of the best ways to improve your footprint on this earth while crafting an innovative planter. Instead of throwing away your tin can, wash it out thoroughly and fill the can with your favorite cooking herb! Start a collection of herbs in your kitchen and spray paint the exterior of the can with a metallic paint. Tie a chalkboard paper and label the can with the herbs of your liking. Soon you can utilize fresh home-grown herbs while making a positive impact to the environment!

DIY Rainboot Planters

Not many people see rainboots and think, “This is exactly the flower planter I had in mind.” This DIY planter is certainly a unique, whimsical approach to gardening. Instead of tossing out your daughter’s rainboots that she’s outgrown, jazz up your garden space and paint the rubber exterior with a fun design! Paint the recycled boot with simple, colorful flowers and the end result will have your inner crafter self geeking out. Tip: Make sure to seal the design by using clear paint sealer which is suitable for various outdoor conditions.

DIY Glass Bottle Planters

If you’re looking for a unique vase for your flowers, try reaching for your recycled glass bottles. It will definitely make a statement and can be arranged at little to no cost. Repurpose some glass bottles and decorate your home with these dining table centerpieces or hang them along your backyard fence. These mini vases are the perfect Mother’s Day gifts or make a great housewarming gift. Who doesn’t love a handmade gift?

DIY Hanging Mason Jar Planters

Many stick to the traditional route and leave their planters on their kitchen sills, book shelf, or front porch. Instead, elevate your home space and hang your planter! This DIY planter creates additional wall décor inspiration that requires a few basic household items such as mason jars, cotton twine, and a couple of hooks in the wall. For those urban dwellers, plant a few succulents if you’re craving a little green space and let your succulents fly high.

Try these budget-friendly DIY planter ideas that can be crafted in less than one hour! Showcase your favorite garden flowers or succulents and add some beauty to your household for the springtime. 

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Happy Crafting!