What do I need to rent a storage unit?

You will need a Driver’s License or ID Card, name, address, telephone #, Emergency contact name & phone number if you wish to add one and Business information if you rent for a business.

What size storage unit do I need?

Sam’s Storage has a variety of unit sizes to fit the needs of our customers. Check out our storage unit’s availability. Help choosing the right size storage unit. At the facility and find your room too small? Ask to combine it with another room nearby or transfer to a larger unit for an additional fee.

How do I rent a storage unit?

There are three ways you can rent a storage unit with Sam’s Storage; online via our website, over the phone by calling 506-206-0803 or call us to take an appointment and we will meet you at our storage facility to show you our unit sizes available.

Is it possible to reserve a unit with Sam’s Storage?

Sam’s Storage does not accept reservation online anymore, but if you wish to reserve a unit already available, we can reserve a unit for you for up to 7 days before your move-in date. Simply call us and a 50% non-refundable deposit will be required to hold the unit which will go towards the rental once the rental is completed.

Does Sam’s Storage charge a deposit or admin fee?

Sam’s Storage does not charge any deposit or admin fee when renting a storage unit with us unless a reservation is requested.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

We do not require customers to sign long-term contracts to rent storage with us. Your rental agreement with Sam’s Storage is month by month unless you choose to pay for several months up front. In that case, your rental will be a fixed term non-refundable even if you choose to move out before the end of the term. If you choose to stay after the term, it is possible to renew for another fixed term or go back to a month-by-month basis.

What if my storage space needs to be changed?

If you are an active customer renting on a month-by-month basis and your storage space size needs change, you can request a transfer to a larger or smaller unit at any time and your account will be prorated accordingly. For customers who rented on a fixed term, you can transfer to larger unit by paying the difference, but no refund will be made if you move to a smaller unit.

Can I sign a contract for a friend or relative?

Sam’s Storage does not allow you to sign a rental agreement for a friend or relative. When you sign your rental agreement, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions. For that reason, we cannot legally allow you to sign a contract for your friend or relative.

How do I add or designate who can access my storage unit?

When you rent with us either online, on the phone or in person, just let us know the name of an Emergency Contact. That person will be allowed to access your storage unit if we cannot reach you or do not hear from you anymore.

How do I access my storage unit?

When renting with us, an email will be sent to you with your access code (which can include alarm and/or padlock code and instruction). By following the instruction in that email, you will be able to access your storage unit immediately after renting online, over the phone or in person. Our storage unit is accessible 24/7. (Please take note that you are welcomed to place your own padlock on your unit if you do not wish to use our own. If you do so, simply drop our padlock in our drop-box beside our office door).

What happen if I lose my access card or forget my alarm code?

If you lose your access code, you can contact us at 506-206-0803 and we will give you your code after verification of your identity.

What means Rent Online / Rent Now?

Rent Online 24/7 / Rent Now is a service offered for self-storage customers. When you Rent Now, you secure your storage unit immediately by signing your rental agreement and paying your first month of rent online. Once the online paperwork is completed and payment is processed, you receive a unit assignment and access code to the facility immediately. All our units can be rented online if they are showing as available.

How do I access my unit after completing Online Move-in?

Directions and instructions will be sent to you via email for online move-in. Check your email for instructions. If you did not receive them, give us a call 24/7 at 506-206-0803 and we will resend the documents to you immediately.

How can I pay for my storage space?

Customers have several options to pay for their storage space. Pay online, in person or over the phone or setup the autopay via our website or by calling us. All major credit cards are accepted (VISA, Mastercard) along with cash & E-transfer. We also have a Drop-Box located beside our office door at our storage facility.

What promotions are available at Sam’s Storage?

Sam’s Storage offers promotions depending on demand and unit availability. Visit our website home page at www.sam-storage.ca to see any promotions or discounts available.

When is my monthly rent due?

Your monthly rent is due every month on the date your move-in occurred. For example, if you moved in on the 10th, your next month of rent is due on the 10th the following month.

Does Sam’s Storage pro-rate rent?

Sam’s Storage will not pro-rate rent for a storage unit. When your payment is received, your monthly payment carries you until your next monthly due date.

What happens if I miss a payment or am late on a payment?

If you miss a payment or are late, you will be charged late payment fees that varies. Please refer to your Lease Agreement for more details. To avoid any late fees, please sign up for auto pay via our website by accessing your account or by calling us at 506-206-0803.

Do I need insurance to rent storage at Sam’s Storage?

Proof of insurance is not required to rent a storage at Sam’s Storage. We do not offer insurance at this point, but we are looking into it for the near future. If you are a homeowner or have renter’s insurance, your insurance probably covers your storage unit, but you should always check with your insurance company to make sure. It is usually very cheap to add it to your existing insurance policy.

What is your move-out policy?

When you are ready to move-out, ensure that your unit is cleaned, and all belongings have been cleared out to avoid any cleaning fees. Sweep the floor the best you can and simply leave the padlock that was provided with your unit locked on the roll up door/garage door so we can change the combination for the next customer. You can access your account online via our website to setup a move-out or you can notify us by phone, email, or text that you are moved out to avoid getting billed another month. Make sure that you receive a confirmation if you text or email us. We will not make a refund if you forget to contact us in time.

Does Sam’s Storage allow customers to store Cars, ATV, Snowmobile, or other Vehicles inside their unit?

Yes, Sam’s Storage accept any type of vehicle in their storage units. Please take note that cleaning fees can be charged if a leak happen, so make sure to clean everything before moving out.

What security features are available at Sam’s Storage?

Sam’s Storage now has multiple locations and security features might vary from one location to another. Some of the features you can find are monitored individual alarm units, high resolution security camera, electronic keypad for alarm, individual fire alarm, etc… We are also looking at adding fences and gates at each of our facilities in the near future.