Moving Guide

Moving to a new place can be an exciting time, but it almost always comes with a lot of hard work, too. The good news? You can lessen your overall workload and make the days and weeks leading up to your moving day less stressful and more efficient.

Sam’s Storage is here not only to provide self-storage but the advice and the power to make any move as easy as possible. Our knowledgeable Storage Concierges have the experience and compassion to help you through your transition. But before you pick up the phone, we’ll walk you through 12 tips to moving successfully throughout your whole moving process.

Months Before the Move

Not every move allows you to get started months before move-in day. But for those that do, it’s an invaluable time to help make the rest of the move easier—or harder, if you neglect to take the proper steps. Months before the move, you should be looking to:

Get organized—Create a moving binder, organize documents, create spreadsheets, make a timeline and more.

Take inventory—Figure out what you’ve got to move, what you can’t move, and what sort of special accommodations or arrangements will be necessary.

Determine what you need—From necessary logistical information to boxes and other supplies, there are many moving parts, supplies, and details to figure out before your move. Work out what you need as early as possible to be successful.

Start packing—It’s never too early to start packing!

The Month of the Move

During your moving month, you should be looking to transition your thinking beyond the generalities and into specifics. Because those specifics are going to help keep you on track, and:

Decide how you’re going to move—Whether by yourself, with the help of friends, or a moving company, plan the big day now.

Buy any necessary supplies—Those supplies you figured you’d need just a little while ago? It’s time to buy them. You’ll start using them soon.

Line up utilities if possible—Getting to your house only to find the lights and water won’t work is a drag. Make sure everything is lined up for a smooth transition.

Rent a storage unit—A storage unit can help you make an easier transition during a move. Get one now so you don’t miss out on its benefits.

The Week of the Move

The big day is here! In some cases, the big day is just that—one big day. But, if possible, spread out your move over a couple days. The overlap will help if you forget something or if there’s a hiccup elsewhere.

Pack—There’s no getting around it. You’ve probably packed things you aren’t using by now, but it’s time to pack the items that you use every day.

Plan your meals—Food in your fridge can be overlooked. A week before your move, plan out your meals so your food isn’t wasted.

Change your address—From online subscriptions to important documents like your driver’s license, make sure a new address doesn’t interfere with anything important.

Do a final run through of your old place—You probably won’t be coming back, so make sure you didn’t leave anything important, valuable, or irreplaceable behind.

Sam’s Storage Can Help

Moving is hard, but finding additional storage space is easy. Sam’s Storage can assist with affordable self-storage units. A self-storage unit can be a great staging area and can even assist if there’s a gap between when you must leave your current place and when you can move into your new place. Rent yours at a Sam’s Storage location near you today!